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The question of whether or not to have your water tested is a serious one that concerns the health of you, your staff, visitors to your building or your family if you are a domestic customer. Water supplied from the town mains supply will normally be of good quality which is  clean and safe to drink. Town mains water will normally be suitable for most household uses.
However, in addition to obvious illness, a variety of less serious problems such as taste, color, odor and staining of clothes or fixtures are symptoms of poor water quality.  Whilst water may appear to be visibly clean it may not necessarily be safe or acceptable.
It will normally be unnecessary, impractical and far too expensive to test for all possible contaminants in your water. However, there are a number of common contaminants that can be cost effectively monitored to provide clear demonstration of due care a diligence whilst also offering some protection to you, your staff and your family if you are a domestic customer.
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